Quiet Book Patterns – Free Printable

Quiet Book Patterns – Free Printable

This quiet book patterns Free Printable is perfect for creating a quiet book, also known as a busy book.

A quiet or busy book is usually a book you need to sew, but you can just as easily print it out and use it that way.

You can describe quiet books as books that children can play with independently when it needs to be quiet. Originally, these quiet books were used in church. Parents who wanted to keep their children quiet during the church service made a Quiet Book.

Most Quiet Books are made from felt. These look very cool, but they take a lot of time to make. Even if you’re quite handy with the sewing machine it takes a lot of time. Most teachers and parents don’t have the time to create quiet books.

But fear not, the Quiet Book pages that I created are completely made to be printed out on cardboard or paper, after which they can be laminated. Perfect 😉.

How to use this free printable:

This quiet book patterns printable is meant to be printed out and laminated.

What’s included:

56 Different quiet book patterns.

A quiet book is a perfect activity for young children.

Click the button below to download.

What you get:

A 56-page PDF with different quiet book patterns.

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