Kids Reward Chart – Free Printable

Kids Reward Chart

Kids Reward Chart Printable

This cute pink flamingo Kids Reward Chart Printable is a great way to learn your child that if he behaves he will be rewarded.

If you want to learn new behavior or unlearn annoying behavior in children, it can help to temporarily work with a reward system. You use this as a tool to give the learning process an extra stimulus.

For a child, working for stickers and a reward (material or immaterial) is often a lot more attractive than a happy response from a parent. After a while, as the behavior becomes more self-evident to the child, the reward can be tapered off and the parent’s positive response is almost always sufficient. Moreover, the exciting part of the system also disappears after a while.

A powerful temporary remedy!

How do you use such a system?

  1. Decide what behavior you would like to see. You can take a particular theme and add different behaviors or a number of concrete things throughout the day. (see examples)
  2. Make your own schedule or print one of the reward cards on this site. (it is useful to stick adhesive plastic over it so that you do not have to make a new one every week)
  3. Buy nice little stickers together with your child. For every behavior that went well, your child can put a sticker (or draw a smiley). On a number of schemes, it is possible to put a large sticker at the end of the day if the intended number of good behaviors has been achieved (eg 4 out of 5, depending on your child and the level of difficulty).
  4. After a number of (large) stickers, a reward follows. What you adhere to here depends on the age and the behavior to be learned. Don’t make it too hard, but don’t reward it too quickly. If it goes well, you can adjust this and, for example, have more days achieved, but then also increase the reward.
  5. Hang the reward chart in a prominent place in the house.
  6. Let your child stick or put crosses on it.
  7. Before you start to discuss carefully with your child what he should do for a sticker and what the rules are. Of course at the level of your child!

An infinite number of behaviors can be chosen, as long as they are concrete and clearly formulated. Make sure there are not too many and that there are also feasible ones. This stimulates your child. Examples include:

  1. Finish his/her plateSitting at the table
  2. Eating with fork & knife
  3. Asking to leave the table
  4. Doing a job for mom or dad
  5. Stay sitting at the table while eating
  6. 1/2 hour of self-play
  7. No more getting out of bed

Reward ideas at the end of a week of well behaviour: 

  1. Staying up longer
  2. Do something fun with mum or dad
  3. A trip together
  4. Ice cream or delicious dessert
  5. Choose something to eat
  6. Small gift
  7. The reward bracelet
  8. Mommy tidies up your room
  9. Watch a movie
  10. A Party

A few things to remember:

  1. Make sure you score well desired behavior. That way it does not lead to a discussion!
  2. Be consistent and direct in rewarding. Have a sticker attached or crossed as soon as possible after the desired behavior. Don’t cheat or negotiate
  3. Never do a reward system for too long. It then loses its power. However, after a while you can start over with a system for different behavior if this method works for your child.
  4. Make sure that there is a good variety of material and immaterial rewards.
  5. You can also create a reward system for eg two children who argue a lot. Agreed periods, no arguments, but fun together or playing alone provides a sticker, and a reward can then be earned together.
  6. You can make simple versions for small children, eg just going to sleep or eating well. Sticking a sticker and after a few times, a small gift is often very exciting for the little ones.

How to use this free printable:

This cool kids reward chart printable is meant to be printed out and colored or painted.

What’s included:

kids reward chart with chores and checkmarks

This is a really fun activity for young children.

Click the button below to download.

What you get:

kids reward chart printable with chores and checkmarks

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