Color by Number For Kids – Free Printable

Color By Numbers for kids - 30 Pages

Color by Number For Kids – Free Printable

This color by number for kids Free Printable is the perfect way to teach numbers to preschoolers.

All children learn to count by themselves or through play to indicate quantities. “Mom, can I have two cookies?”

The next step is the recognition of the numbers.

Again, it differs per child how they learn the numbers.

My oldest son was very fast in learning numbers. One day he could point out and name a number and so he knew how to name more and more numbers.

My youngest son is a different story. I need to playfully practice the numbers with him. He needs a lot of repetition.

How to use this free printable:

This color by numbers worksheet is meant to be printed out and colored, so break out the crayons and start matching the colors to the numbers.

What’s included:

30 Different Color by numbers worksheets.

This is a really fun color-by-number activity for young children.

Click the button below to download.

What you get:

A 30-page PDF with color-by-number activities.

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